Friday, August 17, 2007


Athena doesn't trust me.... and why?Well because I put her in this: oops, she blinked.
Better photo, "let me out".

Knitting: Made another net for hanging fruit on the tree. Super fast and easy. CO for another tree. It is knitted in one solid piece, then folded in half and kitchenered down the center. Same concept as for hooded sweaters. Bumpkins tank top has 2 dropped stitches somewhere- will find those on a weekend nap day.

Today was the last day of most of the swim lessons, but because of last Wednesday- I have to go in at 10:00 on Tuesday to make up lessons. I went up the slide so many times to day- I could feel the burn. Bumpkins didn't take much of a nap today- she fell asleep in the car and when I brought her inside she woke up. So nothing got done on my designated last nap day. So much was planned: find stitches in Tank top, watch Star Trek, conjure up something for my kvvs pal, and blog, blog, blog, blog.
Hmmm... my KVVS pal is leaving all kinds of clues, I really wonder who she is.
When people get on ravelry- their own personal blogs will suffer. Why? it is very difficult to do 2 blogs at once.
It is 9:30 and I am ready for bed... I really must be getting old. Bumpkins has been asleep since 6:45. Oh! she slept almost all night- I had to wake her up to feed her (only because I was full and if I did any diving today it would hurt bad!).

Went to take a pic of the mountains this am, but the camera said no card. Uh-oh, must have left in the laptop, looked there and ..... no card. YIKES!!! Looked in the camera and found it- was loaded wrong.

Dinner: egg foo young, rice, egg rolls

Weather: sunny, rainy, sunny 60's.

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