Monday, July 2, 2007

La Leche night

Knitting: the Hufflepuff scarf is as long as one arm. About 1/2 done. It will be done before the OTP comes out. Then onto my cross stitch as I can hear it calling to me. Hmm... unless I cut out this quilt and sew it.
More comfort shopping from yesterday. This material is for the lighthouse portion of DM's quilt. She really likes Cape Hatteras Lighthouse- so that is the colors that I will be using. I hope that she likes this, as she is old school in the thought that only one kind of texture/fabric goes into a quilt. ie.. only use cotton. Me on the other hand believe that anything can go in a quilt. If I can figure out to to sew knit items then handknits will be in quilts also. Can you imagine the different textures?
Busy day: Got to sleep in. That was nice (DH did set the alarm clock for 5:30 though). Brought Bumpkins to work with me this am. Alena had to teach lessons and I guarded for her. Her sister Racheal watched Bumpkins. They played outside for almost an hr. it was foggy out but warm enough. Then they played w/the ball and watched Shrek. One of Alena's classes is very hands on, glad that isn't mine. After work I delivered a bunch of outgrown clothes to a friend of mine. This friend has 3 girls, oldest is a mommy and married, middle is 20 pregnant, not married (the father of the baby is not a good choice for her), and the the youngest is 18 (same age as Princess). I visited w/the mom for quite awhile, she needed a mom talk. I just pray for the girl as the road that she is on isn't a good one. I know this because I was her. Then Bumpkins and I came home took a nap, and went to the La Leche meeting. That was so interesting, Bumpkins will be getting weaned here soon. But first to get her in her own bed all night. The interesting thing is Alaska is ranked 3rd on Breastfeeding in the nation. That's pretty good. What happened on the Delta flight wouldn't happen here in this state. One everybody nurses and two it is accepted. If I had been in a big city w/a Delta counter, I so would have been part of that sit-in. If I had been on the plane, we would have been kicked off also.

Thing Two has a friend over.

Random website: The Jackalopes cousin the Fishalope

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