Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Good Kitty!

Athena bringing in her treasure. She had already jumped in the window, I was able to pick her and her treasure up together and throw them both out. Usually she brings the treasure's in alive and lets them loose in my room. But this one was already dead. She wasn't to happy about being locked out. (I think I will go wash my window).
Knitting: not much done as I had to visit the frog pond last night (with 4 in left to go.) Today will run a lifeline through and then finish frogging. Then onto reknitting the last 4.5 inches.

Movies watched this week: Because I said so (good movie of what not to do as a mom). Broken Bridges (excellent movie), Everyone's Hero (good kid flick, Bumpkin was really into it.)

Have been trying to weed my flower beds 15 min each day. I have 4 beds and 3 are out of control. I am not even discussing the garden- that is its own jungle.

Thing One and Thing Two didn't get home from work until almost 10 this am. They pitched fish for almost 16 hrs. lots of Overtime. big money night for them. Today I started my last set of 3 week long swim lessons. Good thing too as I am getting tired of teaching lessons all the time. 3 sets of beginners each day the kids kind of run together. I was subbing for Alena today and Fred had to do a rescue on one of the kids. The tyke let go of the wall and it was a pluck them out of the water. I didn't even know about it until Nige and big boss were discussing it as I went to leave. Oh well that is why we have guards. DH went to order my book for me (knitter's almanac) but the internet went down. He will order it some time.

Strange stuff: But it may generate some interest at Prom. Couple 3894 are from Nikiski Ak. I don't know if they won the competition or not. They did an excellent job on their outfits.

Weather: sunny windy and 70 degrees
Dinner: Hamburgers, fried onions and mushrooms, cheese and tater tots (anyone else hungry?)


Lynn said...

Oh I've had a few kitties that used to do that, the worst one was when my cat Sasha brought in a mole, played with it until it was dead (I wouldnt touch her and dh wanted to see what she would do with it), and then she ATE it! The crunch was what gave it away. At that point I started freaking out and made the DH pick her and the 1/2 eaten mole OUTSIDE! BLECH.

I saw Because I Said So as well. Yes something NOT to do as a mom. I was slightly disappointed with the movie, it was good, just not as good as I thought it would be.

And good idea abt the weeding for 15 min. My yard looks like a jungle, but its SO hot here that its impossible to go out in the afternoon. And I'm not a morning person and I'm usually doing something else by the evening. I figure when the kids go back to school.....

Fiber_Chic said...

Cute cat! Do you have more than one cat? I'm working on getting one.
Sorry about the frog pond...

Andreanalaska said...