Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Is today Monday?

Athena is a killer. DH commented on a funky odor in our room again. After investigation this was found under the crib and wrapped up in a quilt. Surprisingly it didn't plug the toilet up. But now the stench of dead rodent is in the quilt- not sure how to get the smell out. Right now the quilt is soaking in 2 gallons of cool water and 1/4 c baking soda (quilt is for a cradle).

Bumpkins modeling her new butterfly towel. I made this for Christmas, but it turned out so bad she will get it now. Just have to finish attaching the hood. To much material to serge or sew through.

The back of the butterfly towel. This pattern was Simplicity pattern 4175. Used 2 bath towels- this is My Tuesday's Strange Stuff!!! If someone else made this and theirs turned out- please let me know.

Knitting: nothing yet, been busy doing other things like dismantling my serger. It works now- it was threaded wrong, actually the needle was in the wrong place. Fixed that then lost a screw in the machine- had to totally take apart the machine to fix that. Works now. Finished the towel and put a rolled hem on a blanket for DM.

Today was the last day for dip netting (we didn't go, so no fish for us) and today was also the last day summer camp got to go to the pool. So that means slide. I am so sore from yesterday and everyone else is beat. We played way to hard yesterday. Paid registration on mom mobile that was 1 1/2 hrs at DMV, some people were waiting over 2 hrs.

Weather: was foggy and a cold 50.

Dinner: tuna helper


Anonymous said...

Sorry the butterfly towel didn't work out... and what a lovely mouse :) Hope you have a calm rest of the week!

Your KVVS Pal

Fiber_Chic said...

Sorry the towel ended up wonky...hope Athena doesn't give you anymore suprises.
However, I think I've read somewhere that cats give you mice to show they love you......

Lynn said...

Ok first you have a moose leg in your yard, then you have a dead mouse all cozied up in a quilt. Guess that's the price you pay for living in a rural area. BUT at least the mouse was DEAD!! To me dead mice is SO much better than live ones!!

Lynn said...

Also, that towel isnt so bad!! It may not have turned out the way you planned but Bumpkins looks like she loves it and really isnt that the whole point??

Jenni said...

Ewww! We had a rodent living in our wall once. We could hear it scamper about and once I saw it eating dog food. I think it was a baby squirrel.

It went away and we didn't smell anything.

Hi...I'm from the EZ yahoo group by the way