Saturday, July 28, 2007

100th post!

How appropriate for my 100th post- I started this blog thing to document knitting projects and today I get to post knitting pix (Ok they are just books but wonderful books they are.)

I tried to unbrighten this pic and really messed it up. Now it is way to dark. But this is what came in the mail today my Elizabeth Zimmerman "Knitter's Almanac" and "Knitting w/o Tears" books. Now I am ready for the EZ knitalong that I am doing. I was so excited that I opened up the box in the post office parking lot. Now what am I to do when my KVVS package comes in? I must show self restraint- to get it home and find camera and take pix.

Knitting: nothing new, am working on a sewing project that will be posted on Tuesday what not to make.

Yesterday was my last day to guard open swim for the summer vacation. yahooo!!!! Patron's were good, co-workers vindictive. Oh well the nasty one will be quitting for the school year.

Today, mixed blessings day. Callie Ware is getting married in South Dakota (she has 1 more yr of college). Kelli had a baby shower (she isn't 21 and not married) that is a very rough road that she is headed down. Kelli loved the baby booties (she loves shoes anyways), and I am so glad that I didn't make a hat. She received about 8 of them- crocheted. And DH set up Bumpkins swing set before he went to work. She loves it. I was going to post a pic of that- but my Elizabeth Zimmerman books came in.

Dinner: steaks, mashed potatoes, veggies

Weather: Sunny and 68.


dobarah said...

Congratulations on your 100th posting mile-marker! Say, I got an EZ book in also!

Fiber_Chic said...

Cool! I'm told that "Knitting Without Tears" is a really helpful book!
Have fun :)

Kazul said...

Odd, I got a book called 'homework without tears'. Hope they weren't the same author! The yellow flowers are primroses, evening ones. They bloom all night and smell pretty and attract moths and butterflies and hummingbirds. Have steaks in the sink thawing, think I'll add biscuits to the dinner you made!