Thursday, July 12, 2007

Another Rainy day

Another Alaskan wildflower pic. These are pink irises.
Knitting: recast on and have knitted 2 rows on Bumpkins ruffle for her tank top. I was hoping to finish this up on Saturday but I am several days behind. Oh well it will get done before the end of the month.

Today was the last day of this set of swim lessons. 5 more weeks to go or two sets left. Big Boss wants to send me to Wasilla in Sept. for Water Aerobic Instructor training. I would like to go, but if DH goes to the slope than my pool hours have to change (can't be working 9 hr days w/a family to take care of). Okay not just 9 hrs but having Bumpkins in daycare from 1100 am to almost 10 pm. That is to late to be coming home to teenagers also.
DH didn't work again today (rainy) sad thing is he will probably be working this weekend. So much for our hot date on Sat. to see the new Harry Potter Movie. Oh well it will come out on DVD soon enough. DH and Thing One are going round and round. Thing One isn't liking our rules again. Oh to be 18 again. NOT!!!! Just hope that he can take care of all his bills and then go and get his GED. Than he can have a life (Go NAVY). Thing Two has youth court tonight- finally than he will go to work. Maybe DH will go to Blockbuster's and get us a movie for tonight. That would be good. Have to send Netflix back (if I can figure out where I put them yesterday).
Dinner tonight :? what will jump out of the freezer.
Weather: RAINY


Anonymous said...

I love your running commentary on your days. :) ...and I enjoyed the what not to knit and random links the other day.
- Your KVVS Pal

Fiber_Chic said...

I should probably already know this, but what color is Bumpkins' top?