Sunday, July 29, 2007

Athena strikes again!

Bumpkins goes vintage to church. I love these older dresses, this one is size 3. They don't make dresses like they used too.
As I was blogging Athena brought this into the room. Guess it is time to shut all the doors. After I took it away she went back outside and then started meowing for this thing. Note: it is hard to flush a mouse down the toilet.

Knitting: Picked up the Sarah Blanche scarf and knitted 6 rows. It is more than 1/2 way done. Then I switched gears and went for the serger. The tension was off- so now 1 hour later, the whole thing is messed up. Can't get it to form any loops at all. Will unthread and rethread it all back up tomorrow night. Joined Pattern Review, maybe this will help me w/my sewing projects and stash.

Went to church (methodist) w/DH and Bumpkins. It was potluck- salads and smoked salmon. DH went to work painting afterwards. Then came home and painted our hallway. I will reserve judgment on the color until I see it in the dark and light. Poor guy is grouchy, not at me though I hope. I asked Thing One and Thing two to let the dog back on her run (she was tied up so she couldn't get in the paint). When Thing Two went to go outside I asked him to put shoes on. He dawdled around long enough so that I went to go do it. By that time DH was headed out w/o shoes to do it himself. Moral- I should have taken Bumpkins w/me and done it myself. If I don't ask them to do something they won't blow me off. Oh well I can endure anything for 3 more years. Then both Thing One and Thing Two will be over 18 and possibly making their mark on this world. Oh that is scary!!!! The future leaders of today. With enough prayers anything can happen in 3 years.

Dinner: Pizza (canadian bacon and pineapple, chicken and broccoli fettuccine) and beer. Bumpkins ate a whole slice for dinner.

Weather: Sunny and possibly 70.


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That dress is adorable!! But seems small to only be a size 3!