Thursday, July 19, 2007

who says only cats sleep in the sun?

Bumpkins sleeping in the sun last week. She had been laying across the door frame- but by the time I came back w/the camera she was laying down here. Her words were "I sleep".

Knitting: Nothing new, haven't ran a lifeline or frogged anymore. Nor do I have anything calling me to put it on needles. Haven't even started any of my stitching, quilting, or jam making.

Have been in a funk lately. Kind of depressed. Yesterday was kind of crazy. Thing Two got into alot of trouble yesterday am. And 6:30 in the am is not the time to be mouthing off to your dad. And the trouble was all over video games- the amount of time playing games. Then today my day started out bad. Last night at 1:30 there was a request for a plunger. The request was worded thusly: the upstairs toilet is overflowing and going onto the pipes. The lad didn't know how to turn off the toilet if it was overflowing. So it leaked through the floor into the downstairs laundry room. I got up to a sink full of dishes in the kitchen and wet, stinky towels all over the bathroom floor. I had to wring out the towels finish sopping up the water and then wash the towels before work. Now I need to mop the floor w/a disinfectant as the water was nasty.
Thing One and Thing Two won't be working very long tonight (if they are even working at all) fishing has been shut down. Not enough escapement to the rivers. Thing One is driving to Anchorage tomorrow. He still needs to get his studs (studded tires) removed and insurance on his car.

Today there was a luncheon for women at church- I didn't attend as I didn't make childcare arrangements. Oh well. Finished the week one of this set of lessons. Some of these kids have been in lessons all summer, don't the parents know that the kids need a break (as do the instructors)? Today learned something else not to stand/sit on. Did you know that 3 long swim barbells can be put side by side and 3 more will fit cross wise on them to form a raft? Well Alena built one and pushed it up against the side of the pool. I then scootched my bum onto it (I didn't jump) and as soon as I plopped my 120 lbs. down on it. I flipped over. Everyone watching said it was very comical. When Alena went to try it, Nige saw her and said NO!! When he was informed that I did it, his response was "he wasn't aware of what Janet was doing and he still would have said NO." Guess I could have flipped over and hit my head on the side of the pool. I had plenty of first aid available (2 guards standing right over me and 2 in the water). That was fun.

Weather today and yesterday: sunny and in the low 70's
Dinner: hamburgers, fried onions, mushrooms, tater tots. (didn't have them on Tuesday night.)


Fiber_Chic said...

Very cute pictures of Bumpkins!

Lynn said...

I love how kids can sleep anywhere and can wake up w/o pain!! LOL Adorable as usual.