Monday, July 23, 2007

I finished something!!

Knitting: This is what I have knitted since yesterday. Wow, co and knitted and sewed together complete w/chained ties. Super Easy!!! Baby Slippers
Essentials: Size 8 US straight needles, Worsted weight yarn (stash- so no tags for colors or anything). CO Sunday, July 22 and finished July 23. Adapted pattern: Knit 12 rows garter then 7 of garter for top. Perfect for the top of a baby gift on Saturday.

Remember this UFO?

It is now this. It took almost no time to hand stitch together. Just have to even up the sides and put on edge blocks and borders/backing. Should be done by next week- just in time for July's finished Christmas Present for my Holiday Headstart.
What have we done this weekend? Well lots!!! Finished reading Harry Potter Book 7 at midnight on Sat. VERY GOOD BOOK!!! A must read and very well written. I think that it is one of JK's better books. DH and I went to look at the swing set and Bumpkin's loved it so much (she wasn't even out of the van before she was saying "swings, Daddy, Swings!!".) I couldn't even put a jacket on her- she was gone that fast. Originally the plan was to go to church yesterday and talk to someone w/a truck about delivery. Welll..... that didn't happen. Thing One and Thing Two slept most yesterday (got called in to work- they didn't go). Poor things are tired of pitching fish for 12 + hrs a day. The internet was down so I couldn't read blogs or surf the net. So I did projects. Worked this am (rescues- training). Bumpkins went out to Nana's. Princess got her wisdom teeth out on Friday.

Dinner: Bratwurst. Yummm

Weather: 50's and rainy. (that is why no internet- no satellite in the rain).


Lynn said...

Those booties are adorable! I have a similar pattern, but I like yours better, it includes the holes for the ties. Very cute!! And its hard to believe you were in the 50s yesterday. We had a *cold front* go thru which meant we only got to 91 yesterday instead of 98.

Fiber_Chic said...

Very cute booties and the blanket looks warm!
Have fun with the swing set...I loved having one when I was little!