Saturday, July 7, 2007

weekend update

Since everybody likes pix. A neighbor's front yard full of daisies. I have none of these flowers in my yard. Think that I will go find some and stick them in my live or die flower bed.
Knitting: The last couple of days have been spent making gauges for Bumpkins tank top. Today I co w/8 us using the knitted CO method then knitted 4 rows of garter before going to 7 us for the ss. I want to get 4 in. done today but this is taking bloody forever. I am only up to 2 in. and if I spent all my free time knitting this then the laundry wouldn't get done and neither would my other unfinished projects. But have I mentioned how soft Lullaby yarn is? The down side is that it snags on my fingers (they are all dried out from work).

Worked yesterday am was dragging all day. I woke up after spending 2 hrs in the water. Thing one has a job that requires him to go to work at 5 pm, he got off of work at 2. He was supposed to call and he did, but he called my cell phone which is set to vibrate. So we didn't hear it and he walked home (3 mi aprox.) and got in at 3 am. Lesson learned- take better care of your car so you have transportation when you need it. But did he learn that? No. It is our fault (DH and I) for not getting the car fixed when he mentioned the problem. Oh well problem fixed now. Bumpkins is sick, she has the flu. Had to go back to diapers today, she really doesn't like them. But after going through 4 pairs of panties, diapers looked really good. Easy cleanup. Just hope that she doesn't throw up in our bed tonight. Last night she slept from 11 to 5:30 in her crib. Had a really bad scare though- Athena (the cat) woke me up around 1 and I checked on Bumpkins. I have quilts hanging over her crib rails to keep her sleeping area warm and draft free. Well Bumpkins had her face up against one of the heavy quilts and I was scared that she was suffocated. Needless to say that that quilt got moved here and now. I will hang it on the other side of the rail so that doesn't happen. Today I escaped over to my knitting mentors for a couple of hrs. She is still impressed w/how even my stitches are for a new knitter. And she has been through what we are going through w/Thing one. Big relief to talk to someone who has been there even though hers ended sadly. (Her oldest died of a OD in his own home).
Last night went out to meet DH's bass player of his new band, Danger Pig. (Long sad story in the name.) The house was where DH lived w/his 2nd wife, I didn't like it- too small. This world is so small. The bass player's Aunt is my old hairdresser, who we call Auntie Bonnie. She agreed that Bumpkins and Princess are not at all alike. And she told me that it was because of the different dad's temperaments. Bumpkins doesn't have to be perfect (just her self imposed tendencies) where as Princess did have to be good and perfect all the time (even from a very young age.) Bumpkins is so smart she knows some of her colors and count up to 11 w/minimal help.

Tonight dinner: Pizza and beer
Todays' weather was sunny this am, then cloudy and windy tonight.

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