Sunday, July 15, 2007

Destiny Conference Starts

Anther pic of Bumpkin's taking a bath.
Knitting: Finished front side of Bumpkin's tank top (not really sunny enough out to take pix.) CO and have knitted 2 1/2 inches of the back. Hope to finish that up today. Wore my scarf to the new Harry Potter movie.

Yesterday was fun. Went to a class reunion (not mine- KCHS class of 1987) it was out at the fields by the pool. What a turnout they had, I am so glad that I went. Some of those folks were my close friends from 8th grade until I graduated. Hadn't seen some of them in 21 yrs. Talked about people who have been out of contact w/. One guy Sterling Strickler hasn't been heard from since he joined the Army band as a Bassoonist. What is the Army doing w/a Bassoonist? A trumpet player, clarinet, sax and drummer I understand those but a BASSOONIST? A few others were/are in Iraq, some of the guys had served in Desert Storm so that was discussed as well.
After the picnic, Bumpkins went to CC's and I went to the movies with DH. Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix was nicely done. Some wonderful knits- good portrayal of Luna. Didn't stay to close to the story line though.
I overdid yesterday as I am sick again today. Can't go to either of the 2 church picnics (one of them would have several of the people from yesterday). 20 yrs ago the Kenai Methodist Church had a very large youth group. The other church picnic is for Soldotna Church of God, kick off of Destiny Conference. Almost like a revival- church every night of the week. I am scheduled to do nursery duty on Tuesday. The one night DH doesn't have to go to church for music. So I might not be blogging very much this week.
Weather cloudy slight sprinkles
Dinner: ?


Monica said...

Your daughter is adorable! Thanks for your comment on my blog.

Can't wait to see your little one modeling the tank top!!

Kazul said...

I wish I could have been at the reunion. I talked to a recruiter mom yesterday who was thrilled when I told him T was a flute player. But, then I said he wasn't very commmitted to it. She said musicians are always needed for the bands and march in all kinds of ceremonies. And bassoons are GREAT sounding.

Paul said...

Sterling joined the Navy (not the Army) in which he plays tuba and bass guitar (he keeps his bassoon past a secret). He continues to be promoted, due entirely to his ability to suffer in silence. He was last seen (suffering) in `04 and I'm currently trying to locate him.

The Professor (aka Palm)