Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More Flower pictures

Oh no the fireweed is already blooming. Legend has it that once the fireweed blooms then there is only a short time until winter and how tall the fireweed grows is how much snow we will get. Thankfully this a dwarf fireweed, so it is just a pretty magenta color. (White stuff isn't snow, just broken up sheetrock).Knitting: Finished 8.5 in. on Bumpkins tank top, have co for the ruffle but have to frog as my count is all wrong. I am modifying the pattern, only putting the ruffle on the front and using cc color for straps and 4 rows on the back. That way she can wear the shirt w/a cardigan. By the time that I am done she will have a complete outfit in this lullaby stuff. Shirt, cardigan, skirt, leggings and hat. NO SOX!!

Haven't blogged lately as DH hasn't worked and is on the comp. Also Bumpkins is having trouble sleeping (very difficult to blog when nursing/or with a tot that is awake.) I think that I am ready to wean, I hate the way her teeth feel against me, the way she pulls on me and is stretching me out, the way her hands pull my hair.

I have been working every day this week again. Thing one and Two have night jobs at the dock, so when they come home at 4 am they wake everyone up. They did bring home a salmon though (very tasty). DH called and woke Bumpkins and I up. She didn't go back down and she was asleep for maybe 45 min. Tonight is going to be rough. Overtired cranky two year old.

Since I missed my Monday random website: Crocs are taking over the world. They come in High Heels also.

Strange Stuff: Midwives and Ob's would like this.

Weather today: finally sunny and 65. The last few days rainy.
Dinner:(last night) Fresh Silver Salmon marinated in teriyaki, soy sauce, lemon juice, liquid smoke, and olive oil then grilled, side dishes: rice and mixed veggies.

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Fiber_Chic said...

The flower looks beautiful! I'd love to have high-heeled crocs!