Monday, July 30, 2007

Lifeguard Olympics!

Bumpkins on her new swingset. As she played I kept smelling something dead. Later I discovered a "stick" wasn't a stick- but the leg of a dead baby moose. Question is how did it get to the middle of our lawn. Bear, Dawgers or another dog.

Knitting: nothing today, I really need to put something in the car for when I have time to knit. Twice today I could have knitted but had nothing. Did baste the hood on the butterfly towel for Bumpkins. Hope to finish and post that tomorrow. Serger is still messed up- it is a white 6400. When I go to thread for rolled hem the stitches aren't forming a chain, but when I put thread for 3 needle serging w/needle on other side a chain is formed. Strange, as I have used the rolled hem before.

Lifeguard Olympics today: so off to work at 8:00 (DH woke me up at 730) w/Bumpkins in tow. My team's extrication time was 42 seconds, Brick retrieval (from the bottom of the pool 11'10") was 25 seconds, and treading w/the brick was 5 seconds. Almost drowned on that one. Afterwards there was a picnic for all employees- Bratwurst and onions. Yum!!! Then we played water balloon toss w/rubber gloves filled w/water and had a watermelon eating contest.
Bumpkins went to DM's for the day. At DM's I fixed her laptop to go online and made bookmarks for Kazul, mine and Princess's blogs. Also cleaned up her comp a little. And took 4 pieces of material that were around 1 yd. each. Now to sew them up into something.

Random website: brought to you by fiberchic about the "cuts" of fiber sheep. Scroll down a bit.

Weather: Sunny and temps in mid 60's.

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Fiber Chic said...

Did the rubber gloves stretch a lot? When I was at camp, they had a water balloon fight, and the actual water balloons didn't hold much water, and exploded on a soft toss. The party balloons we also used, however, were quite stretchy, and you had to hurl them to get them to pop!