Monday, July 16, 2007

Shopping Day

Finally pix of Bumpkin's Tank top. I am using size 7 long needles and making a size two. Already discovered an error in the knitty pattern. I am pleased that the colors came out very close to what they are. This is the front.

Here is the back of Bumpkin's Tank top. 1/2 way done didn't finish it last night will work on it more today. Do I block it before sewing the sides together? It is Berrocco Lullaby yarn. So soft and nice. Stretchy ribbon.
What did have I done today? folded laundry, have 2 more loads to go. Need to clean house, I will do that after Thing One and Thing Two go to work. I did go grocery shopping what an event that was. Went to a bulk food warehouse and it was Combat shopping. Very strange, someone else thought so too. While Bumpkin's and I were there we saw our Public Health Nurse, she commented on the fact that Bumpkin's is putting weight on. Nice day so I took Bumpkin's to a park to play that was fun. Went to McDonald's and bought Bumpkin's lunch and got DH a milkshake. Couldn't find him so I drank the milkshake. 1- McDonalds have gross choc. shakes. 2- They must use milk as I am now sick. 3- Lactose intolerant people shouldn't drink milk.
Now it is nap time and all is well. Except Thing One is asking for creamer (they went through almost 30 oz. of creamer in 3 days). I can't afford to feed these bottomless pits. They eat all the time. A large bag of cereal gone in 4 days- or was it two. They complain because there is no food to eat, bologna - they don't like, hot dogs- won't eat w/o buns. Lunch meat- need lettuce, tomato. Beans and leftovers- out of the question.
Oh great Thing One and Two are fighting. Thing One is Thing Two's ride to and from work. We are not getting up to pick him up from work at 5 am. Not when we go to work at 7:00 and 8:00 ourselves. Thing Two should have taken better care of his bike.
Will Link to Kazul's blog (when she gets her pix up) but nephew T is an Eagle Scout. Good Job T. (Kazul too, as you went through a lot of work also).

Random web site: What is this? A bathtub, or a chair, or an enormous dust collector?
Weather: Sunny temps in the mid 60's.
Dinner tonight- should be grilled as it is to warm for the oven.


Fiber_Chic said...

Honestly, I don't usually block outfits at all....however, I think you're supposed to block each part before you sew it all together--
as for the weird metal sculpture, definitely dust collector.

Anonymous said...

That is one weird dust collector. You got to go see the new Harry Potter movie? aww, now I'm jealous... maybe this weekend. Are you feeling better? ..and yes, you are *supposed* to block pieces before sewing (so you can make sure they are the same length - easier to seam)

Kazul said...

I have pix now, but the phone cut me off today when I was chatting. I was also cut off several times last night when blogging.