Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows

Not much happening as I read the new book, am currently 1/2 way through (no spoilers though). Went to the book release last night, tons of people and I didn't bring my camera or my new scarf. Could have used it- it was kind of chilly. The highlight of the evening wasn't any of the games but watching the bats come swooping out of the bldg. Our bats up here are very small.
Here is Bumpkins eating noodles.
See "I eat noodles".

Knitting: Nothing going on as I am bored w/knitting and all crafts. Have completely weeded 1 out of control flower bed. That makes 2 flower beds that I have conquered this summer. I do have a baby shower to go to Saturday the 28 (only got the invite Thursday, so not much notice). I will see what I can come up with.

Friday update: Thing One and Thing Two got paid- not as much as they would have liked. And they didn't pick up their checks until almost 7, they couldn't cash them because.... banks close at 6. They are working tonight (sat.). At work I was told that when I tried to sit on the "raft" I missed the edge of the pool by almost 1 inch. I knew I was close. Almost worked as a dispatcher last night- money would have been good. Went for a long walk almost 4 mi. w/DH and Bumpkins last night.

Today: DH, Bumpkins and I will go look at a swingset that we may be getting for FREE!!! Hope that DH likes it.

Weather: windy, Sunny temps 70.

Dinner: Pizza, Hamburgers and DH made Breakfast: Choc. Chip Pancakes (use mini choc chips, they don't melt as much as the big ones).


Lynn said...

Free is always good. Let's hope its not worth every penny!!

Fiber_Chic said...

My little brother won the HP book....I'm a bit more than 1/2 way finished.
Cute Bumpkins pic!

Anonymous said...

I've finished the HP book (my husband took the kids on various adventures for the day so I could read). I loved it, hope you will too! Good luck on the swingset - hope it works out... it's a wonderful thing to have with little one(s)! (I send mine out to it and then grab my knitting and join them in a chair outside a lot!) Have a great week!
--Your KVVS Pal