Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Tuesdays strange stuff

Knitting: Hufflepuff scarf is almost 1/2 way done. I messed up the stitches again. And I signed up for another KAL. This one is Elizabeth Zimmerman Almanac. Sounds like fun- the firsts project is the pi shawl. Which I won't be doing as I can't find any of her books around town. Will have Princess look around where she lives.

Since everybody loves pics. Here is the Honeysuckle bush outside of my house. It seriously needs to be moved and pruned. You can't even see the window behind the bush. Just wish my crabapple tree was this big.
Thing One has a job at a cannery working Mondays and Thursdays, just hope that the fish run is good this year. Thing 2's friend was almost taken home late last night. The boys were pretty loud until late! Thing One decided that he needed to play the guitar w/amp at 11:00 pm. I get up at 6 am to go to work. That amp was not on long. Strange the only way that I got quieted down to sleep was to visualize the inside of my ball of yarn w/me inside. Oh how cozy it was. Thing One volunteered to watch Bumpkins instead of her going to daycare. Sadly enough I had to say no. He isn't responsible enough and he needs real work. The other night while I made dinner Bumpkins was very busy- she somehow opened an old kilz bucket and proceeded to put her sister's jewelry box (which Bumpkin's had taken all apart) in it. The kilz was dried up but there was some kind of liquid in the bottom. YIKES!!! So that is now outside where she can't get into it anymore. Work today went by fast- even though we were one guard short. The kid read the schedule wrong. Kazul is in Pendelton watching fireworks launch in darkness. The only time we get fireworks here is for the fair in August and after Thanksgiving. Nothing like watching a parade and fireworks in negative temps.

I decided that Tuesday's would be Things That I would NEVER consider making, I am surprised that someone did. So this is a Guy's What?

Todays weather was sunny 48 this am, rainy, and now sunny and mid 60s. Nothing is growing very fast except the weeds.

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Jane said...

I can't think of anyone I would ever knit that for!