Friday, July 13, 2007

Sick Friday

Bumpkins taking a bath. Yes she is in a rubbermaid tote- I can't use the big bath as the teenage boys use that one. And well it is gross, and I hate to have to scrub it everyday to use it. (The boys don't like to pick the drain, so they took the drain thingy off and all the hair goes down the drain and plugs it up.) We need to buy stock in liquid plumber.

Knitting: Have 1 1/2 inches of Bumpkins ruffle done for her tank. I am trying like mad to finish it tonight. Hoping to knit the ruffle on and do the straps so that one side will be done and I can post a pic of it tomorrow. (Here's hoping that it is sunny).

Didn't go to work today as I have the flu. Bumpkins shared with me. It is so nice to share. Thing Two brought home another salmon (which is residing nicely in my deep freeze 1 down 45 more to go). Thing One and Thing Two's laundry was really nasty today- imagine pitching fish for 12 hours. I almost threw up because of the stench. DH worked today as it was cloudy then sunny. He will work tomorrow if it is nice again. Took Bumpkins outside because it was nice out. Had to run off some of her excess energy.
I was having a rough night for awhile until I prayed for my spirit man to overcome my flesh man. Wow dinner was nice- no real complaints. And there were plenty before dinner. The power of prayer. It is 8 pm and Thing One wants to go job hunting, he also wants me to take him down to the gas station to fill up a gas can for his car. Not happening- one I was sick today and shouldn't go out. Two I am not transporting gas in my van w/Bumpkins. Way too dangerous. DH went to band.

Dinner: Taco salad, with corn tortillas or fritos.
Weather: Sunny temps must be in the high 60's.

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Fiber_Chic said...

Hope you can finish the dress!