Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Will the Kitty eat a carrot?

Bumpkins, (age 29 mos.) trying to feed Athena a carrot- that has been dipped in tea. The cat will eat most everything, but not carrots.

Knitting: ran the lifeline on Bumpkins tank top so now to put needles back in and knit. Will try to finish that up for Saturday, so she can wear it to the baby shower.

Not much new today, DH didn't go to work again. Bumpkins has a cold and football season has started. The bad thing about the pool no longer being a pool, but a recreation facility is that we have a football camp going on in our field. Not just one team but 3!! Nikiski, Skyview, and Bartlett. And the added work that is now up to us to do. A new sign on the door says "NO CLEATS in BLDG!!!!" Thing Two's camp started today- but he will go in on Monday when the season starts, only 4 more Mondays until school starts. YIPPEE!!!

Prayer request time: Princess has a lot of friends entering the military. Cousin T- who is in Boot Camp (Army), Robert Burns- boot camp (Navy), Nick Whitaker- boot camp (Navy), Arik- was supposed to be deployed to Iraq in 9 mos, but now is to be deployed to Afghanistan in 12 mos. (Army). Derek- whereabouts unknown (Army). There are many more but these are who are on my mind the most, 3 of these boys just turned 18 in the last month. Please keep these and the kids that you know who are now serving in your prayers. Thank you.

Weather: Rainy and 50
Dinner: ? possibly leftover chicken into a casserole. Thing one and Thing two don't like casseroles- tough for them.


Fiber_Chic said...

Very cute picture of Bumpkins, as usual...
Can't wait to see the completed tank top.
I'm sure Princess' friends will stay safe!

Lynn said...

I think what makes Bumpkins look older is because her hair is so long. Not many girls have hair that long at that age.

Kazul said...

It is hard to believe the 'baby' is 2 and 1/2 years old. Better wean this one and get another sis! :o)

Andreanalaska said...

1st of all, spelt Aric.
2nd My kitty does not eat veggies.