Thursday, February 1, 2007

The work week is over for me

I am so glad that this week is over. Tuesday it starts all over again. Found out today that I still get unemployment- every bit helps. This weekend I shall start weaning Bumpkins. :( I don't want to but have to for work. Wish I could find something where I only work ams. that would be great. But then we would have extra hrs. in daycare. I went down the slide 2x by myself today- kept banging my elbow. I used to get more spins in, not now. I am also incredibly hungry.

Knitting today was a set on the blue scarf- I messed up a few rows, but it looks OK. So 5 sets done so many more to go. It isn't even as long as my forearm. Oh well just keep knitting. I need my 6s for Bumpkins bday gift. She really needs those finger puppets, will be perfect for church and other places that she needs to sit still for.

Bumpkins went back into a diaper for daycare- she had a poop and just wouldn't go. At home we would have just ran her to the bathroom every ten minutes. She must have went because she never said anything more about pooping here at home.

Cleaned up alot of paper clobber today. I was looking for Thing one's social card. Surprising that I didn't put it back after I used it. I was actually surprised that it only took me 45 min. to go through all the different piles. Tossed out alot of stuff. More surprising was that I knew where all the piles were. Finally found it in my purse in another envelope- go figure.

Wow I am tired, all this exercise and getting up early is getting to me. Have to keep an eye out for fido- she is out running.

It was 43 degrees on my way home, Nana said it was 49. This February in Alaska on the Kenai no less. Must be getting the pineapple express. Drives are icy, maybe I will take Bumpkins out sledding tomorrow. Have to listen to a weather update.

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