Monday, February 19, 2007

Some pics of Bumpkins

All right here are some pics. if you haven't seen any for awhile. Bumpkins in the bedroom trying on clothes is from November. She was so proud of herself, just realized that little outfit doesn't fit her anymore. Also our room doesn't look like that anymore. THANK YOU FLYLADY!!!

A new conversation with her regarding releasing gas:
Bumpkins "POOP"
Mommy "Do you have to poop?"
Bumpkins "No frog"
Bumpkins "Ribbit"
And then she jumps across the room.

No knitting today. And temps this am were cold 0 degrees at 10:30 this am. BRRR

This other pic. is from January. Bumpkins is eating chocolate ice cream w/o any Happy Birthday (that is what she calls cake.)

I best be getting off to bed very long day tomorrow and I have only expressed 3 oz. of milk. My daughter is either going to starve or get weaned. She wouldn't go to sleep earlier today. Maybe that is from the donuts w/red dye.

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