Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's Day. Did I knit? I think that I frogged. Oh I put the seam back in the tribble. It is now absolutely finished. Not sure of what to knit first for this Harry Potter KAL. I want to make a bag, that would help me not lose stuff. A Mrs. Phiggs bag- made out of natural fibers, can't see a squib using anything else. Thinking old jeans, oversized, sturdy. But also wouldn't fingerless gloves be good to, I was actually thinking something along the lines of an ice scraper glove. Because Hogwarts's classrooms are probably very cold. Especially Potions. You would want your hands warm- but still have use of your finger tips. Maybe wrist warmers. Back to the ice scraper, your hand is covered but there is a hole that allows the ice scraper/ or even a wand to slide in.

Busy day. Had an interview at 11 am. then had to be back at home by 12. When I got here discovered that Bumpkins had thrown up all over the place and was unable to tell her dad that she didn't feel good. Before the interview, I made cinnamon choc. chip scones very good. And fudge- I need that cookbook. The recipe that I did was terrible. Maybe I didn't beat it enough, it is still sludge and has lumps. Very yucky. After nap, I had to go to work, so back out to the pool. Good news is I am now on Chapter 6 of Sorcerer's Stone. I just started listening yesterday. Then church tonight late night didn't get home until after 9:30. Then dishes and put Bumpkins to bed. Thankfully tomorrow is Thursday, no where to go until 2 ish. I got the job also. So that is going to make this place even crazier. Thankfully I have started implementing Flylady stuff. Just have to work it into routines.

I feel so bad that I have misplaced my bible, hopefully it will turn up soon.

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