Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Princess is 18

Happy birthday to Princess. I can't believe it was 18 yrs. ago that I was holding a brand new baby girl. Her is all growed up now. Sniffle sniffle sob sob. My baby is gone. i sent her a box, thankfully she had a knife to open it with, lots of packaging tape. Thing one went to Anchorage and spent some time w/ Princess.

DH and I are married 3 yrs today. What an amazing 3 yrs. we are hoping that life settles down a bit. But doubt that that will happen.

Thing two didn't go to school today. Athena is walking on the comp again. She feels neglected.

Work today was boring pool shut down again. So today I cleaned the laundry room, 4 loads of towels and guard clothes. That is excessive. The only people that should have wet towels is Nigel, myself and any guards that go swimming. And right now there are no lessons and pro-active guards are dry guards. I also scrubbed the spectator chairs they were disgusting. Hopefully tomorrow we have blue water not green.

My hufflepuff socks are very slow going, I keep frogging. Maybe I will get someone else to cast on and join in the round, I can do the rest. Hmmm... actually just join.

Temps are still cold, only 5 above this am. tonight supposed to get -20 with wind chills.

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