Wednesday, February 7, 2007

1/2 way through the work week

I did do some knitting today. But frogged it after I did 2 inches ( couldn't remember if I was purling or knitting) I was only doing 2 stitches- I was also using my 6 needles that still have the scarf on them. So that was my knitting today. Last night's ephiphany site was actually from crazy aunt purl. I don't even know how I got there. I will figure out this link thing eventually. but not tonight.

Work- have mixed emotions and thoughts for there. Need to meditate for awhile. Hmmm.. that takes us back upto the previos paragraph. KNITTING!!!! That is what I need. But I need sleep more.

Church- Bible Study. I look forward to Wednesday nights not only to learn about the Bible but also because Theresa and what's his face cook dinner for me. My one night of being pampered.

Bumpkins is having a hard time transitioning at daycare. She will adjust- took out the breast bottle. Glad that I still have it, hope it helps for naps and bedtimes.

I still need to do someting for my secrud sis.

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