Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pictures Finally

Here are my works in progress. This Blog thing is stupid. My pics are everywhere.
The Brown ball of eyelash is the beginning of a bear/tribble finger puppet. It was cast on Saturday afternoon and finished that night. Knitted on 6 needles. Yarn unknown bought at the thrift store and unmarked.

The Pink is actually more peach, and that is being knitted on 10 cn and it is 1 set of Sarah Blanche shawl from Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle. The yarn is possibly wool- acquired from my mother's stash. Unknown make, the plus to using this yarn for this shawl is I won't have to learn how to add yarn. Wonder does this then qualify for one skein item?

This next one is the same pattern of the shawl, but in a scarf width, size 6 needles and double stranded. I started out w/a sample swatch and decided that I was going to make a scarf. This also is on a cone spun by unknown purchased on e-bay. This is actually a Navy Blue. It appears that I like my cones of yarn. Very economical and you never run out of yarn. Downside projects are definitely not portable.

Ok enough of the pics. more tomorrow. Last night I was bored so I joined two more knal. What on earth am I thinking. One after getting more info I probably won't do, not enough time. The other is a Harry Potter knal. That one is going to be fun. I already know what I am going to knit after I get the finger puppets done that is. A knit bag that Mrs. Phibbs might carry. I am kinda cheating as I'm listening to the books on tape instead of reading them. The commute is great now.

DH is off work for a week. Dr.s orders and has to go to physical therapy. The fall really messed him up bad.

The crockpot is my friend, another good dinner pork country ribs in a soy sauce, molasses sauce. Crud, I don't remember where I found the recipe and it is a keeper. Recipe is same place as short rib recipe from Sunday.

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Em said...

Em here from the Harry KAL. Would you like me to list you as "Aksunflour" on the site instead of Janet? I didn't mean to put the wrong name!
Glad you're doing the Harry KAL!