Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New job Midweek

No pics. tonight. I am way to tired. No knitting for the last couple of days either. I do have needles and yarn in the van now. Have to keep track of my stuff- I can't leave my things in the van and use as needed. I share the van w/everyone. Pain in the neck.

This new job is rough on all of us. Bumpkins is not taking naps, which she needs. She stayed up until 1130 last night and got up at 845 this am. She isn't nursing as much anymore either. I write that as she is attached to me for the 3rd time since we got home at nine. I bet she nurses all night tonight. Separation trauma more than needing the nourishment. She is taking a bottle really good now. Avent don't leak as bad as the others.

Worked 9 hrs. yesterday and 6 today. Tomorrow is another 9 hr day, by the time i get home it will be almost 11 hrs that I am gone. On tape 5 of Sorcerer's Stone. I think knitting Weasley sweaters is going to be easy. Only thing said so far is that the sweater's are hand knit and warm and that non-family members get better quality. So any easy knit sweater is in, as Mrs. Weasley knits one per family member and there are 7 kids. Charlie, Bill, Percy, Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny that averages out to one a month. So not alot of shaping so simple and fast.

Temps in the below 0 at night and into the teens in the day. Starry skies and crescent moon. Bumpkins points out the moon as she goes to bed. She also says drive safe.

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