Monday, February 12, 2007

Long time no write

Well I figured out how to get color back on this blog. Now I just have to wait until DH can show me how to download pics.

Now onto knitting, I have several pics of works in progress. I decided that one a blog is BORING w/o pics. Kazul was right. And two I want to do monthly progress reports of my stuff. I was 2/3 of the way done w/the coif. But frogged it because of gauge was off. It was very pretty. I bought a set of dpns. and worked on the peach shawl. My theory worked. Yeah. I am almost done w/a complete set- 7 more to go. I bought a stitch holder and put the scarf on it. I cast on and finished a finger puppet, it was supposed to be a bear. But since I used eyelash yarn- DH calls it a tribble. I will finish a few more and post them altogether. There was a knitting group at the library on Sat. that was fun. I will go and learn something new each week. It is only 1 hr. but better than nothing. I am using my new 7 cn today and am going to practice knitting in the round. This beginner is bored w/ordinary stuff.

I didn't work or post on Thursday because DH fell on the ice at work and was transported to ER. I didn't go to work either. I was on my way when I got the call. He is ok, but very stiff and doped up.

Took Texas brownies out to the camp on Friday night. Need to jot the recipe down so I can give it to the youth pastor's familia. I also need to jot down the fudge recipe and make it. Homemade fudge is so much better than a box of pot of gold. Sent Princess her box today, she isn't answering her phone and she isn't online either. I hope that she is ok.

nice today, temp in the 30's sunny.

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