Sunday, February 4, 2007

Superbowl Sunday

Today is Sunday. Superbowl and Youth pastor appreciation day. No knitting today- wanted to but played video games w/DH instead. Did you know you cannot effectively watch TV and play games at the same time. Even w/2 TVs, so no commercials for me.

I spent most of my weekend w/my DH so no knitting. Saturday I did my zone cleaning and finished my HB. I just have to get the schedule down, esp w/me working.

Friday, cleaning and open gym day. Friday night Emmaus gathering- not so much fun. Should have stayed home and done family night.

Thing one pierced his ear w/a fork. Thing two needs prayers for his thoughts that females are less then. Princess needs to go to church.

I wish I could knit at night but not w/the blue. Bumpkins was so cute, I cleaned up her room and threw a bunch of stuff away. I forgot to remove the plastic garbage bag- she pulled a balloon out of it. When I saw her w/ the balloon I commented that it had been in the trash. She replied "my trash" and put the balloon behind her so I wouldn't take it away.

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Kazul said...

Shel Silverstien wrote a poem about's called Hector the Collector. I personally think it was written for Jonathan!