Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Here lets see if this works. This is the dog that the eagle went for last month. Bumpkins is riding the dog like it is a pony, complete w/ holding ears as reins.

I thought about the eagle incident, because Bumpkins and I went sledding today. I must have walked about 9 city blocks. We did find some hills and she did enjoy herself, even though she lost her mittens and got cold. But anyway, she was walking and said birdie. There were 2 eagles up in the sky being chased by ravens. I kept close to Bumpkins after that.

The other pic. is of our cat Athena. The creature that should go to Hogwarts. She is so much more obedient then the dog. She comes when called and looks for the spider to eat. LOL

No knitting today or even sewing. Am upto Chap. 9 in the Sorceror's Stone. Did laundry and played xbox 360 w/DH. That was so nice. Went out for ice cream instead of going to church. Thing Two went to church, he got home around 915. Bumpkins is going to have a difficult adjusting to this new schedule. I gotta pump milk to go in a sippy cup- all the bottles leak really bad. I have to put up about 12 oz. for her and I haven't even started pumping. I am running out of time.

Today sunny temps. in the mid 20's slight wind. Beautiful blue sky. So nice to be out. Errands tomorrow will try to take her outside again. She needs the fresh air. If we were in Norway she would never be in.

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carrster said...

Eeek! I get freaked out about the hawks around our house when the cats are outside. I would definitely freak about eagles.

Thanks for stopping by - the ice is still on the lake (in places) and the ice houses & people are out in force. It's supposed to be "warm" (20's/maybe 30's today w/a westerly wind) so this probably won't last long. Glad I got to be on the ice before it breaks up.