Friday, February 23, 2007

Still is very cold, I hate this stuff

No knitting again today, am more willing to sleep instead of doing chores and knitting. Not that knitting is a chore, it is so very relaxing. But this week has been hard and exhausting. Next week won't be so bad as I have already done my first week. So maybe I will be able to incorporate more knitting into my days.

Bumpkins is adjusting finally. A sleep deprived tot is no fun- they don't know how to shut down when they are over stimulated. Thank God for teething tablets and pedia-care. She does have a cold- it happens whenever we take her outside to play. Maybe she just needs to go outside more, then she will build her immune system up.

Princess is leaving for Salem, Or, tonight. Hope that she has a good flight. She is so cute, Bumpkins was hitting me and yelling. Princess told me to put Bumpkins on the phone and then proceeded to scold Bumpkins and told her to be nice. Bumpkins stopped, but the cute part is that Princess will yell at me and sometimes not be nice. But Princess will not tolerate that behavior from her sis. So obviously Princess knows better- I feel like I did do something right. Yeah mom.

I had a couple of strange compliments this week. One was re: nursing Bumpkins, I was told that I was hard core. I guess that I am, but these kids grow up way to fast. I am not ready to totally lose my snuggle time w/her. The second was at work. We were at 2 guards and wanted to drop down to one, I said that we needed the supervisor to ok the decision first. To that I was told that I was old school. Yep and that old school stuff works.

It was bloody cold-15 below next to the house at 8 this am. Come on, it is the end of Feb. it is time to warm up. I shouldn't enjoy going to work, because it is warm there and I am supposed to wear shorts, tank top and flip flops. Even my house is cold. Low humidity. No wonder I am thinking of knitting sweaters.

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