Thursday, February 8, 2007

Work week over Yeeha!!!

Knitting today. Did some, not on any shawls as I be bored w/them. But started a new project for me for Christmas. I am making the coif from knitty. I am 1/3 the way through it, it seems big. Had a rough start on it, broke the yarn while trying to do a m1. Found an awesome website - oh no I didn't bookmark it. Hope I don't have to frog the hat. It is sized for an adult med. I am an adult petite. Have many incentives to have it done by Saturday. That is when the knitting group at the library is. I am going to take it in and the bloody calamari bag. I am so going to finish that.

Started to go to work today, But got a phone call that informed that DH was transported to the hospital. Had to cancel lessons make up is next Friday. boo hoo. DH can take Bumpkins during that time. Maybe swim w/her. She'd like that. DH is fine, he fell on the ice and knocked himself out. Doc gave him vicoden and percosides, he will be feeling no pain.

It snowed yesterday, and that is why it is so slick out. temps in the 20's again. Here it is midnight again and so off to bed. NO More knitting for me today.

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