Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Another work week started

No knitting for me today. Did do some surfing though- not sure which hat I will do. Found this really pretty hooded scarf over at http://www.highcountryknitwear.com/carollershoodedscarf.shtml . I am just learning how this html stuff works. Also found coif at knitty http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEspring03/PATTcoif.html . Not sure which would go with my velvet cape better though. If I did the coif I could also make a muff. I have 2 skeins of chenille to use for this project. Visited the yarn harlot blog today. Was it hers or someone else's? Anyway her epiphany became mine. Everyone is different, we all use different fibers and create different stuff. We also knit at our own speed. And yes knitting is cheaper than therapy, and a great stress reliever. I really need to buy some stitch holders, that and some dpn will be this months purchase as I need to support my fabric habit also.

DH's schedule is hard on everyone. Bumpkins has to be at daycare until 630 and then home for 30 min. of loving. I couldn't even eat dinner- she was so distraught. Tomorrow is an even longer day what w/church.

I did very little of routines today. Laundry, lunch, dinner and dishes that was all. Took Bumpkins to open gym that was fun (all 20 min), my rebate for my razr phone came in today.

At work made a little guy cry- oh well he'll learn to like going under the water. Just realized where most of my bruises come from- it is from the little guys grabbing me.

I made an awesome dinner one of my favs. Hamburger helper cheeseburger it is even better w/sour cream. Maybe that is why bumpkins is gaining weight- she will eat sour cream plain. She calls it is ice cream.

Temp today in the 20's, perfect no jacket and sandals weather. Did wear warm socks though.

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rho said...

Hi - thanks for the comment on my blog - I haven't done the scarf/hat thing yet -- I have so many patterns (free and purchased) to do and it has been cold enough that it would have been great now too. :D Right now I am working on a vest to wear in the house and under things going out.

I tried to find you on KR to send you a PM but no luck with the search - so I figured this would work.