Monday, February 5, 2007

monday, Monday

Oh I got to knit today. I am so excited. I only got 1/5 set done but that is way better than nothing. The blue scarf is now 13 inches long. I also dug out my chenille to start my cap- but I really need my sixes. I looked for my stitch holder to put the scarf on but couldn't find it. So it looks like I need to finish the scarf asap. I want my hats and finger puppets. I have to find a portable project w/another set of needles.

Flylady would be proud, I put up a 3X5 card w/morning routine and did them all. Then I put up another card w/Monday routines, did that one too. Am considering writing up a bedtime one also.

Went to the store and forgot the main thing that I went in for. Of course it wasn't on a list. Ziploc bags.

The moose are making a mess in our carport, they are now knocking down the lumber. Thing one is going to find parking his car difficult.

Bumpkins said to me today "Potty please mom" so cute.

Well off to shut down the house then bed for me.

Weather today 5 degrees and foggy this am. warmed up to 15 by noon. I need mittens my fingers are so cold getting Bumpkins buckled in and getting myself in. Cars don't get warm if you don't turn the heat on.

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