Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tuesday work day

What a day. Errands, laundry and work. Did get 3 loads done this am. should fold and dry tonight. I am to tired to even knit now. And even way to tired to watch Sorceror's Stone.
Long work day. The pool was closed when I got to work. Yeehaw. It stayed closed for 2 1/2 hrs. I was able to put together my lesson plan for water aerobics. It went very well. No deep end work though. Super closed the deep end due to low visibility and wouldn't open it up for aerobics. So what if we can't see the bottom. For some unknown reason chlorine and iron make green. I don't know chemistry.
Bought bread at the bread store today. Was able to give Sharon lunch- she had pb and j w/o bread. Her sandwich made me gassy all day.
So sad Bumpkins went to bed w/a regular milk bottle tonight. She was already asleep when I got home around 945. I miss putting her to bed.
The Harry Potter book on tape is bad- I have to read it. Someone messed up the tape. Well off to fold laundry and then bed.

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