Sunday, February 18, 2007

What's in your Carport?

Here are the pics. These were taken last month but am just now posting, as they were in there again today. The straw is getting all over the place. This moose is the baby- yearling, mama is even bigger. The car is a Nissan pathfinder parked about 10 feet away from the critter.

I don't understand this blogger picture stuff. First you have to choose your pics. then do your blog. But make sure your pics are going in last one first otherwise they are out of order like mine.

Lot's of knitting this weekend. Last night I stayed up late knitting another 1 1/2 rows on the peach shawl one more row until a drop row. Finished the plastic bag bag. Pics of that very soon. Knitting group today- learned how to co using long tail method also now know how to knit in the round w/4 needles. That is so much fun. I made a finger puppet for Bumpkins, I now need to learn how to put wings and a beak on it. Went shopping at Jo-Annes, big sale. Bought 2 skeins of cha cha, one sable and the other a brown, 2 skeins of Bernat Baby softee and a pattern to sew a knitting tote.

Cleaned Thing Two's old room up a bit and did a fair amount of laundry. So much more to go.

Pretty sky tonight temp in the 20's. No northern lights yet though, solar flare activity must be down.

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Kazul said...

S was wondering how the critters can stand on their legs when they are so big. Elk are big, but they have big legs..they were in the yard again. It is blowing out. Talk to you later!