Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dramatic Thursday

What did I knit today? I picked up the plastic bag to finish, started to sew the strap on didn't like the way it was going and took it apart. Will finish when? Before Saturday as I want to show it to the knitting group finished. I need to allocate my time better.

Princess liked her Valentine Box- she got it Tuesday. She didn't care much for the Cupid's poo. (Craftbits) Bumpkins is quite the daddy's girl. I almost couldn't get her to sleep, then when she was almost asleep she started screaming. Her leg hurt- arnica rub and sweet dreams. That stuff is amazing. DH did laundry today, that was nice. Thing one decided that he didn't quite like DH's rules, and chose to live elsewhere. Thing Two now resides in Thing One's room. That drama would explain Bumpkins behavior tonight. Toddlers are very perceptive to changes in households. But now all doors have to be locked and windows latched. DH now has a music room- he is a happy camper about that. His room is almost as big as my craft room, but he doesn't have to share space w/a sink and fridge.. It would be nice to redo that room. In time.

I got the job- start next week. Crazy schedule- but we will cope. Through lots of prayer. Nice day again. Temp in the 30's. Up to tape 3 and chap. 6 or 7.

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