Monday, February 26, 2007

Bumpkins turns 2

Sorry Kazul, Heavy on the pics.
This party was almost cancelled because it was -15 Sat. am. Way to cold for this time of year. But we went and had a great time. The pool was crowded, 3 guards on deck. There were at least 3 bday parties, and people were being turned away. I was so glad that I wasn't working, Hmm... that is why I don't do weekends. (except prom)
Bumpkins was so tired, she didn't even move when I put her to bed. She slept hard. DH will have to take her swimming more often, and especially to swim lessons. She has no fear of the water, I didn't even show her where the diving board was. The imp would have made a run for that thing for sure.

Bumpkins, DH, Megan and Jacob under the mushroom. Bumpkins loved it but Jacob hated it.

DH and Bumpkins under the mushroom.

kind of dark, but Bumpkins and I are waiting to go down the slide.

Bumpkins and I going down the slide. We were going so fast, I almost dropped her when we got to the bottom.

Juice boxes are so yummy.

Bumpkins, Jacob and Jon opening presents.

I figured this thing out. With pics. you post your blog backwards. Also I can knit as pics are being downloaded. Just remember don't delete anything- you will have to start all over.

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