Thursday, March 1, 2007

Almost Friday

What a busy day. No knitting or anything else fun.

Today Bumpkins got up at 715 way to early for me. I cleaned the upstairs bathroom looks and smells good. Swept and mopped. Did dishes and planned dinner. Princess called and said she wanted her mother. That was so sweet. Bumpkins was like later mom when she went to daycare, yesterday I had to peel her off of me. What a difference.

Work was rough tonight- I really don't like these 9 hr. days but we need the money. I did some bad judgement calls. Water Aerobics was good for me.

temp 14 and clear skies (almost a full moon- do you know where your seeds are?) but very windy. Today 40 percent humidity- it is super dry
Well good night all

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