Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tuesdays strange stuff

Lynn has Presented to me with the *Make my Day* Award.

Now whom to tag?

Knitting: Almost done w/another mitten this time it will fit Bumpkins. Don't like the pattern as there are no stitch counts (as in how many stitches should be on the needle after increasing and knitting 23 rows) until the end when the final decreases are being done. (Was 4 stitches off). And am not frogging! Bumpkins didn't like having all the needles around her fingers. And since I will definitely be running out of yarn- I get to buy more! (Lots more as the Pastor's wife loves this colorway.)

A word of caution: Apples can and will freeze if left in a tote bag out in car over night. (Guess it got below 0 last night.)

Tuesday was an interesting day. Got to work and had a evaluation done on me. That was ok... only got S's (thankfully no N's for needs improvement, but no AA's for Above Average and definitely no O's for OUTSTANDING). During the eval. Big Boss said that she would rather see me working on programs (Water Aerobics, lessons, or group fitness for kids) than cleaning. Yeah!! I am all over that one- but still I will clean (but not as much). So today I did laundry and wrote out evaluations to go home w/the swim lesson kids tomorrow. Nige also asked me to supervise last night. No big deal- but did a major goof up. After locking all doors (so I thought) and checking to make sure everything was clean, And setting the alarm. I walked out the front door - only to discover that I forgot to lock a door! What do I do? Emergency phone call to Nige asking him now what? He was very thankful that I did. The worst thing to do would be to leave the front door to the pool unlocked overnight. YIKES! When I got home after 10, Bumpkins was still up and needed a shower. LONG NIGHT for me. And that is why no Tuesday post.

Strange Stuff: This is what happens when people make pets out of working dogs and the owners have WAY to much time on their hands. Hats and what is this a TUXEDO? (We no longer need these dogs to chase down our food in the deserts.)

Weather: Below 0 again. (More like -10 and it will get colder!)


KaKi said...

Yucky Tuesday it sounds like. Glad you made it through. Those dogs??? Good grief!!!!

Fiber Chic said...

Wow! Thanks!

Lynn said...

It's what ALL the upper crust dogs will be wearing.....