Sunday, January 20, 2008

S is for....

S is for: Super easy!
Made this bag using corduroy from an estate/garage sale and nylon lining. Time took 4 hours. May make more for Christmas.

S is for:
Saturday Birthdays! DH wanted a simple cake for his birthday. Pineapple Upside down cake. Made the recipe up. (It kind of stuck to the bottom of the pan, filled it in nicely). Used 1/4 c coconut cream in place of milk.

S is for: Super fast! Mittens are so simple and fast. Great for instant gratification.
Cast on January 13 2008 finished January 20 2008
Using US 8 dpn and jiffy mohair mutli yarn.
size is for a child around age 7
thumbs are backwards.

Mentioned to DH that I have been very domestic lately! Also made another loaf of Hawaiian Sweet bread, DH requested that one for his breakfast yesterday.

Read The Christmas Pearl by Dorothea Benton Frank. Good fast read about a southern multi-generation dysfunctional family and how they solve their problems.

Weather: RAIN!

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KaKi said...

You are the domestic diva!! I am impressed!!! Sorry I didn't enter the contest!! I searched and searched and couldn't find a couple of the answers!! Maybe next time!!!!