Monday, January 7, 2008

Random Website Monday

Knitting: am down to the last 13 inches on the scarf for my secret sister. Last night I wasted about an hour of good knitting time- somehow got lost on the k1 k2 yo p1 and added a few stitches. So it got put away until this am when I could focus on it. Didn't want to stop the movie that I was watching. Cut out and Serged together another pair of pajama pants- all that remains is to sew the hems, drawstrings and waistbands in. Waiting for Bumpkins to go to sleep for that.

Went to La Leche meeting tonight. Was told that I should be expressing some milk to ease the fullness (don't want an infection now! since I didn't have any at all.) Was also told to put the rib part of a cabbage leaf against my b**b to help w/any plugged ducts. Interesting we have advanced so medically and are reduced to simple home remedies. Guess whatever works- antibiotics are so over prescribed.

Finished reading the first book of 2008. The Family Name by Jan Washburn written in 1973. Very interesting to read it and think about how medicine has really advanced in the last 30 years- life guarding also has changed since then. All right the book is about swimming and being injured while doing water activities.

Random Website: Since many of you are going on vacation this year I am going to touch on some strange places to visit. Actually this place I really want to go- Bumpkins would love IT. Sesame Street does exist! (Make sure your volume is turned on so you can hear the character's talking.)

Weather: temps 13 above and snowing

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KaKi said...

Cabbage leaf! That is what I was trying to remember to tell you! I hope that helps! You really don't want to get an infection at this point! How is the weaning going?