Friday, January 18, 2008

Contest Winner!

The contest answers are:

There were many different favorite random websites and strange stuff entered. No two were the same- just goes to show how individual we all are.

Favorite random websites: Free rice and Sheep Cuts.
Favorite Strange Stuff: Latchhook jacket, Pez dispenser, Turkey hat, and Bacteria.

And now for the Actual contest!

My Favorite Color: Green
What does AK stand for: Alaska
What is my favorite food: Bratwurst. (I did get a couple of different answers like fudge and macademia nuts).
When did I go back to work: Sometime in February
How long did it take me to get into Ravelry: 1 month
Where did I go on Vacation: Massachusetts.
Bonus Question- What 2 things do I not like (
Yes they are job related and could be problem because of what I do): Blood and water in my face

And the winner is: Lynn!!


Fiber Chic said...

Yay Lynn!

Lynn said...

WOOHOO!!! How exciting!! And blood was the other thing job related. That one isn't as odd as the water in the face though.....LOL

Jane said...

Congratulations Lynn! Unfortunately my head was pounding all week and I never got my entry in - next time!
And BTW you've been tagged!

the boogeyman's wife said...

congrats lynn! bummed i missed the contest too, my computer time has been way low. *sigh* but way to go lynn!

Kazul said...

Well, if it wasn't me, I am glad it was you (Lynn) even if I don't know you. Besides, a sister may leave biased comments!!!