Sunday, January 6, 2008

Q is for....

Q is for... Quite addicting. These drawstring pouches- no two are alike either. And I did follow the pattern... kind of.

Q is for..Quilts. I was trying to make this for DH for Christmas, didn't happen so now am going to finish it up for his Birthday (January 19) Does anyone see the glaring error? I put this on hold because I hate ripping things apart and that is what I need to do. Just hope that I have enough material to finish the last 2 borders.

Q is for.... Quite a journey, on January 13 I will have been blogging one year. Wow... my posts have come a long ways.

It snowed again today so I took Bumpkins sledding, the best thing about living next to a gravel pit is the awesome sledding hills. We didn't stay out long because the temp was only about 7 above, and I got cold.

Thing 2 got his luggage picked up from the airport.

Knitting: am now officially 3/4 done w/the scarf. Today also serged a pair of pajama pants together, they still need to have a waist band put in and hemmed. Need to cut out one more pair.

Dinner: fried cube steak w/onions, steamed rice and mixed veggies. (no pictures of food for a change).

Hmm... only 2 people are up for a contest? This could be BORING! Still thinking when & what to do for a contest and the prizes.


KaKi said...

The quilt looks great! I do see the double black blocks. UGH!! I hate when that happens!! I would rather rip back sewing than frog knitting though!!!!

the boogeyman's wife said...

wait! wait! i want a contest too! congrats on the year mark