Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Tuesdays strange stuff

Knitting: still trying to get 1/2 way done on the scarf for my secret sister. I have done almost 24 in" now. Cast on for DM's socks for the January sock KAL- frogged again. Will try them later- when I have more time.

Decided that my goal for yarn use this year is to achieve paradody. I have a little more yarn than I desire right now- but after knitting several projects all will well. I do need to downsize my fabric stash back to two shelves. So several quilts will be made this year- all out of stuff on hand. I will definitely be needing more flannel, since 2 quilts will be made out of flannel.

I had a nice New Year's day. Got up late. Than made an awesome breakfast, did laundry, vacuumed downstairs and put away Christmas presents. Thursday the tree has to come down. Can't do it tomorrow as I got called into work early (9-5.... anyone remember that movie?) Started reading a book for a book challenge that I am in. Also attended an Emmaus gathering (worked on a puzzle- realized that I really miss doing puzzles). oh well the time will come again when puzzles can come out.

Strange Stuff Tuesday: I really wonder when I will run out of strange things to make..... But this one is kind of practical. How about a shoelace?

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