Monday, January 21, 2008

Random Website Monday

Knitting: nothing really tried to cast on another pair of mittens... but frogged them. Did rewind the leftover mitten yarn into another center pull ball. I have a love/hate relationship w/Jiffy mohair like yarn. Love the color- but hate how it knots up!
Did attempt this other project... yes it is what it looks like! A latch hook jacket for Barbie. It is very difficult to connect the pieces together- kept ripping the mesh apart.

Thought that I would share another pix of Bumpkins at Christmas. (The light is really bad! My hair looks VERY GREY!)

Random Website: For all of you guys traveling this year. This site looks very promising for affordable housing while on vacation.

Hope that everyone enjoyed the Holiday today. I never left the house, was nice and warm outside. But icy- Bumpkins doesn't like walking in the snow, She says it is "Squishy". Thing 2 went to Alyeska to go skiing/snowboarding with the Church Youth Group. Sadly we got a phone call saying someone got hurt and they have to go to the hospital in Anchorage. It is now 12:19 and DH went to go get him. Also Thing 2 called 2X's and has now woken up Bumpkins. Great- have to try to get her back down.


KaKi said...

A coat for Barbie??? You are such a great mom!!!!

Kazul said...

Jake, you are not is blonde. Me, I am silver. Really, am not joking.