Thursday, January 24, 2008

Prayer Requests

Knitting: 5 rows done on DH's scarf last night at Bible study.

Our families cup continues to overflow! One family over in RAvelry is blessing 10 Christian families this year w/designing web pages for businesses. Our family was selected.

Prayers for the following families please:

My nephew T is in the Army over in Germany. (He will be shipping out at the end of Feb. for Kuwait).

The roads here have been really bad. Ice rutted- cars have melted the ice into grooves and if you get out of the grooves you go flying. Kind of like the old slot car tracks. So there have been some really bad accidents.
On Monday night there was a car accident. The father lost control of the car while driving on ice and slid into a pick up truck. A young man age 13 died 2 days later due to injuries, the father is okay -minor scrapes and bruises.
On Wednesday a Buick (#1) was avoiding a moose and slid (because of the ice ruts) into another Buick (#2). The driver of Buick #1 is an AWESOME safe driver (he grooms the ski trails out at the pool) I think he has some broken ribs and his wife is ok. Driver of Buick #2 is a dear Friend's mom (all 3 of her kids have worked at the pool with me). She has a broken wrist, broken hip (doesn't require surgery), concussion, banged up elbow. Her husband is up on the North Slope and is not scheduled to be home until May. On Wednesday, there was a snowstorm up on the North Slope and he couldn't have come home if he tried. Her son who is a Senior in High School is staying w/her at the hospital and taking care of everything (her daughters are in college. One is in S. Dakota and the other is in Fairbanks). Both cars are totaled.

So go hug your family and tell them that you love them. Also pleas drive SAFE!

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KaKi said...

Congrats on the webpage!!! What is your business?

Accidents like those do act as a wake up call. You realize just how precious life is and how quickly things could change. Thank you for the reminder and I will be praying.