Friday, February 1, 2008

New month.....

Here's looking at the new month:
Happy Birthday Kazul!

Knitting: Mostly finished Bumpkin's mitten, but ran out of yarn. Still have to rip back the thumb because it is way to small.

As this is a new month and didn't do this last month:
I am trying to loose weight and eat healthier, decided to do this:
Measurements for the beginning of the month,
Weight 130 lbs.
Thigh 23"
Bum 38 1/2"
Belly 34"
Bosom 39"
Well we shall see what they are when March rolls around.

It's been busy around here, have been trying to revamp my water aerobic routines and finish up swim lessons.
Thursday highlight was pulling into the carport late Thursday night and finding the extension cord running way out the carport. Hmm... guess I forgot to unplug the van before backing out that morning. Good thing DH has the cord wrapped around a post in the carport so I can't unplug it from the socket and drag the cord down the road.

Took Bumpkin's swimming tonight and boy oh boy she needs to go swimming more often. The black lines in the bottom of the pool scare her to death. (She thinks that they are a snake!) Also she is afraid of the water. Yikes- as a swim instructor that isn't good. Another odd thing happened to me tonight as I drove home. The roads are all rutted and the car bounces/slides easily so I was driving 40- 45 and occasionally hitting the brakes. Bumpkins decided she wanted something so I go to pull over and there is a car close behind me. So I pull forward to let the car into the drive and the red lights come on across the top of the car. A State Trooper! He comes up to the window and asks if everything was ok. I explained about the roads and Bumpkins wanting something so I pulled over, rather than trying to take care of it while driving and went to hand him my license. He replied that he was just checking to make sure that everything was Ok and said that it was smart of me to pull over rather than dealing w/stuff.

And so how was your Friday?
Weather: clear cold -10.



KaKi said...

How brave to post your measurements! I would never have the courage to do that. Of course, my numbers are much larger than yours, too.

So did your heart go into your throat when you saw the lights? I hate that feeling. Good for you though, pulling over!!!

Fiber Chic said...

I hope Bumpkins gets over her fear of "snakes" soon!

Lynn said...

How nice that the cop was just checking that you were ok. Not all of them will do that.

And you are a BRAVE woman!!!! You will NOT be seeing me post measurements of me on my blog! And I'd be THRILLED to be your weight. Haven't seen that since #1Son was born!

the boogeyman's wife said...

you ARE a brave woman! funny how we all thought the same thing. good luck losing weight, it's hardest in winter when we can't go outside so much.

and who knew there were good cops out there? thanks for sharing.