Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tuesdays strange stuff

200th Post!

Bumpkins at almost 2 yrs old.

Knitting: got 2 more rows done on the scarf today. So many more to go. Finished the 4 button holes for the pajama pants. Tomorrows goal is to sew the waist band in.

Am so tired and sore... this is a New Year, so 9 ladies showed up Water Aerobics. 8 of them came because of New Year resolutions- well when that many new comers arrive in class, the instructor jumps in the water and climbs out and jumps in again. Did that so many times! And then did the work outs w/the ladies. I have to dig out my work out sheet- I know that I forgot A LOT! But if I am sore than so are many of the other ladies. Good work out. Have to drink my water before I forget.

Got an SOS phone call at work. DH's car is dead- yikes. Bumpkins is at daycare, and I am not supposed to get off of work until 9 pm. And work is 45 minutes from the day care. So what is a mom to do? First I tell DH not to get a cab to the daycare, then tell my boss that I have a family crisis. He says keep him posted as to what is going on. (If I had to leave then he needed to get another guard ASAP!) This one reason we like the daycare so well. I called the Youth Pastor's wife and she p/u Bumpkins and brought her to our house. And then... she took DH to get a new battery for his car! Now that is one special person. (And she just happens to be my Secret Sister for church- so I will be staying up late knitting her lovely scarf!) Did I mention that she had her 2 kids in the car this whole time? How many of us are willing to borrow a car seat and take someone else's kid home for them when they live 20 miles out of your way?

Bumpkins was still up when I got home after 9:30, no bed time snack, no bath , no story. ARG! Her bed time is now 8:30 -9:00. So I got her into clean pjs, got her pottied, read her stories and snuggled. She was asleep by 10:15! After a few meltdowns. His excuse? He was busy in the studio and she ate a big dinner. ARGGGGGGGGG!

It is snowing again, supposed to get 3 inches accumulation over night- I can see that. Was sitting at a stop light for 2 min. and the snow was gathering on my wind shield. Very strange driving tonight- it was like driving into a huge cloud of glittery pixie dust. The snow was all sparkly as it was falling, couldn't use high beams either. So it was a slow drive home.

Strange stuff: I have heard of mother/daughter outfits but this one outrageous. No I won't wear it and neither will Bumpkins. I thought that this kind of stuff went out in the 80's.

Dinner: Tomato soup w/stale tortilla chips crumbled up in it. (was good!) PB & J sandwich (note- when warming up your Adam's PB because it is cold and not spreading, DO NOT put it w/your bread in the microwave for 30 seconds on high! You will end up w/goopy melted PB and chewy hot bread).


Lynn said...

What a nice thing for her to do!!! And how esp nice that you are her secret sister.

And I know abt the pb, btdt!

Lynn said...

Ok I just looked at that site. OMG!!! ROTFL!!! Goucho jeans! I wouldnt have worn them THEN!!!

Kazul said...

I totally agree with Lynn...those are the creepiest recycle project ever!!!! I wonder what they bribed the little girl with in their photo???
When it snowed on the coast this weekend--the deck of the house we were at had snow on it!!!! It was loverly. Not pixie dust, but very magical.