Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tuesdays strange stuff

Knitting: almost done w/the first mitten, all that is left is to sew up the top and to make the thumb. Wow these things could get very addicting! (We will see after the thumb gets made).

Lots of snow again today. DH spent 2.5 hrs snowblowing the drive this morning. I got to work and had to park up front because the back hadn't been plowed yet. My morning at work went like this.. parked car, grabbed stuff, jumped out of car and sank into snow over my ankles. Then waded into work- had to shake my feet off (then remove tevas as there were snowballs between my foot and sandals). Then taught 2 hrs of swim lessons (one 4 yr old said it all "Swim lessons aren't any fun!") After lessons cleaned, guarded open swim (ARRRGGG!), then water aerobics. 7 wonderful ladies. More cleaning, run to dumpster (since when does the dumpster have a lock?) oh did I mention the 5 inches of snow in front of it? Or the 2 feet of snow beside it? That had to be waded into to raise the bloody lid. So now to my warm (?) car. Yikes- the window has to be scraped. Remember the ankle deep snow- well now it was 3 inches deeper. And still in Tevas.
So home to warm dry socks and Bumpkins still up. Here it is 12:18 and she is STILL AWAKE!

3 more days until the contest ends!

Strange stuff: And I know that neither of my girls would like any of these dolls.


Kazul said...

The dolls look like something from Scooby Doo!!! And at least it was soft snow! We are just dry and cold here. :o(

Lisa W. said...

yep, i hear you...i get wadded up snow balls between my socktoes and my birkies when i have to go open/close the gate or haven't shoveled the walkway...we got about 6" yesterday where i live about 30min north of anchorage proper...