Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesdays strange stuff

Strange Stuff.... Please just let me sleep!

Knitting: nothing today. Slept in and then had to scramble to get to work. Roads were horrible! People have commented on the Barbie jacket- it wasn't going to be for Bumpkins but for Lynn.

Work today was okay... I was sent to training tonight in Kenai for Water Aerobics. That was fun! Her workout was way harder than mine. And then I was home by 7:00 pm! DH made me burnt grilled cheese sandwiches and soup. Now I have a killer head ache and am exhausted!

Good news! We finally got confirmation from Daycare Assistance! It only took 3 months... in the meantime we racked up about $1400 in unpaid daycare. Daycare was costing us $400 a month and that is 1/4 our income. So this is awesome!

Strange stuff: And since it is colder in many parts of the world, our dogs may need to wear sweaters, now this dog says it all.

Finished another book:
Heart of Texas Vol 1 by Debbie Macomber... it is two books in one. So the two titles are Lonesome Cowboy and Texas Two-Step really good clean books about some small town in Texas. (And before anyone says anything... I grew up in a small town! And now work in that same town. And yes everyone knows everyone else's business!)


Fiber Chic said...

Aww!! Sweet Athena pictures!

Lisa W. said...

silly cats;0 hooray for daycare assistance...i remember the days.gahh..now though she's reading the Debbie Macomber series (she's a total horse lovin, barrel racing country kid!) have fun.

Lynn said...

I'm getting a barbie jacket?!?