Friday, January 4, 2008

TGIF! School starts MONDAY

Dinner tonight: I wanted chicken cordon blue.... but didn't have all of the ingredients. So came up w/stuffed turkey breasts, wild rice and peas. This needs some kind of sauce and the turkey didn't brown like I wanted it to. (Have to post the recipe as it is one that I made up and DH really liked it.)

Stuffing for turkey is: 1/4 c dried prunes and 1 T. golden raisins (which were soaked in 1/3 c boiling water for 5 min). Then chopped the prunes and added them to 1 apple diced and fried and 2 slices of slightly toasted bread cubed. Seasonings: 1/4 t ground cardamom and dash salt.

Put skinless boneless turkey breast between wax paper and gently beat it w/rolling pin to flatten.

This is the flattened turkey breast w/the stuffing on it before rolling and skewering w/toothpick.
Used 1/2 c. stuffing.

This is the stuffed turkey breast rolled in potato flakes. Baked it at 325 degrees for 30 min.

Work has been busy this week. I knew that it would be- last week was dead! Yesterday I counted 35 people in the kiddie pool alone- 70 in the main pool, don't know how many people were sliders, lap swimmers, or in the deep end . Today there was only 20 in the kiddie pool and again I didn't count the others.

Knitting: am almost 2/3 done w/the scarf for my secret sister. Found out that it needs to be done by January 11th. Yikes... and then onto finish DH's scarf for his Bday in January and then Kazul has a Bday in February and wants something made. Bumpkins and Princess both have Bdays in Feb and DH and I have a anniversary in Feb. And some people say December is hard w/gifts. For me it all starts in December, continues all the way through to March.

Movies that I have watched this break: Madame Hotchkiss' Ballroom dancing (sad- strange chick flick), Mona Lisa Smile (excellent- thought provoking chick flick), Fairy Tale: A true story ( so/so children's movie).

And for my 2008 resolutions: obviously Princess or Kazul didn't read them. As I hope to have stash parity not parody. Big difference!

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Lynn said...

I saw Mona Lisa Smile!! When I first saw it I did NOT like it, was expecting a bit more light hearted movie. But the second time I saw it I liked it MUCH better. VERY good movie!